Unfortunately the wooden shelter at Berney Arms has been irrepairably damaged in a recent rain storm. Watch this space for further updates.
Welcome to Berney Arms Station
Berney Arms Station stands isolated on a wind-swept floodplain approximately 5 miles from Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk Broads. Perfect for walkers or those looking to 'get away from it all', this relic from a bygone age - in the histories the railway and society alike, constitutes a welcome calm and solitude in a world gone mad with excess and convenience.Berney Arms Station
Berney Arms StationFor walkers, depending on the weather, it's better to get off the train at Berney Arms, as opposed to getting on - though I've never actually missed a train, or it hasn't arrived, you can't be too careful, and this simple precaution ensures that you neither feel you have to rush, or worry about being stuck in the middle of nowhere! Trampling over the floodplain on one of the many walks from the station, you can't help but stopping in your tracks, looking back from where you have come, and simply absorbing the scale of everything around you.
The solitude may, by chance, be disturbed by many breeds of rare, fenland birds which live on RSPB Berney Marshes, adjacent to the station. For bird enthusiasts, things are also getting better - part of the changes to the station include the modification of the station shelter into a bird hide!
So for those with a love of nature, you should love Berney Arms, as I do, and to those intending to visit - I hope this website is of use in helping you plan your visit.

Giles Pengelly
Station Adopter

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