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A new walk will be launched soon to celebrate the Berney Arms Station website's first Birthday!
Walking Guides
Berney Arms offers some great walking and as much as possible these guides are not only endorsing a visit to Berney Arms, but also to other stations and sites along the Wherry Lines.
The map beneath highlights the different routes I recommend, though – of course, they are a mere fraction of the full potential of the station and the area for walkers of all ages and ability.
Black route - Berney Arms to Haddiscoe via Reedham (12.5 miles)
Red route - Berney Arms to Reedham (5.5 miles)
Orange route - Berney Arms to Buckenham via Wickhampton (9.91 miles)
Blue route - Acle to Berney Arms (6 miles)
Purple route - Berney Arms to Great Yarmouth (5.5 miles)
Please use the buttons below the map to select a route you're interested in for further information!
Black Route
Red Route
Orange Route
Blue Route
Purple Route
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